Community Report: No peace with Christmas!
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Written by Monsjoex   
Tuesday, 27 December 2016 11:10

We surely did not seem to have a ceasefire during Christmas this year! After the initial pushes from the Axis side the frontline has been moving east gradually. Can the Allied forces continue their push or will Axis regain the initiative? I'd say log in those holiday hours and determine the outcome yourself!

DECEMBER 26, 2016

Welcome back soldier!

We have seen many old veterans return with the WBS promotion. As a reminder this is running from 23 December till 3 Januari. All Free-to-play, starter, and inactive old accounts have full access to the ingame equipment!

Use this time to reconnect with your old squad, try out the premium gear and the new PPO's!

WW2OL before and after STEAM

Soldier Captcrayon has been dreaming what the game will look like after it is released on Steam.
What do you think and hope the influx of players will bring? Post your thoughts here.

Pictures from back in the day already shed a light of what could be the future of bunker defense:













(Courtesy of Nh3rd) 

Tuesday Night Fight Night!

In the past organized (squad) operations have almost always been kept secret to the other side to keep the element of surprise. However, sometimes a weekly operation was so successful that the enemy would log in to enjoy the fun of a good fight. The Allied side wants to bring this back by building on their Tuesday squad nights and Axis players are invited as well! Key of this night is to have both sides engage in fun and exciting battles, with either side taking the initiative.

What does this mean for you? Well whether you are Allied or Axis make sure you log in, start up Teamspeak and get organized with your friends! Form a mortar group, drive in an armor column or bomb the factories in a RDP raid. Tuesday's from 1800-0500 Paris Time/1200-2300 EST.


Since recently CRS is challenging players to help out with promoting the game wherever they can. Odonovan1 has taken the lead in responding to the call. For a template for your marketing check out his post:

In addition, why not invite these new recruits to the Tuesday fight night? Action-packed nights are the best marketing tool - not only for the game but for your own squad as well!

DECEMBER 26, 2016


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