Community Report: Last days of WBS!
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Monday, 02 January 2017 14:14

A happy new year to everyone playing this game in 2017, a whopping 16 years after it first went online! The Welcome Back Soldier promotion is almost running out, but it surely lead to some fierce fighting over the holiday period! Read into some of the player reports that I've collected in this year´s first community report.


JANUARI 03, 2017

WW2Online Gazette

Have you been reading your daily newspaper? If not, check it out by going to the bottom of the main page.
Additionally, check out the ALLIED and AXIS sections that showcase top players and stories from the front line!

As a highlight, two examples of these reports:

Herculean effort by Canukplf in Clash of Armour!

In an armoured engagement lasting up to a few minutes Canukplf engaged at least 2 German units while moving through the frontlines. During this this harrowing tank versus tank confrontation Canukplf killed 2 and reports afterwards say he was posted as Success.

Officials of the French Armoured Command said today that this kind of heroic effort and skilled combat remains an example to all soldiers on the battlefield as they steel their esolve to move forwards to victory.

Ed65 Helps Blunt Armoured Advance!

On an unreported date, Ed65 began his mission from Leuze Armybase in a Flak 36 (88 mm) anti-tank gun. In the a few minute effort, he effectively positioned his gun destroying 3 French M4A2 Shermans. Allies armor forces will think twice about taking on the skilled defense forces of Germany.

Wiretap Map available again

Next to the newspaper, player Genxs got his public campaign map viewer online again after it was down for an extended period. Go check it out!

From the ALLIED desk:

On the Allied side Rule303 reports on the capture of GENT on the first of January 1943:

After a four hour long struggle, that went from TZ2 and carried over to TZ3, the French have successfully retaken Gent from the German Army and Navy. There was a two hour long or so stalemate at one point due to the bridges all being downed that prevented us taking the Gent NAB and the East Side of the River, but after well over an hour long painstaking effort, the bridges were finally repaired and my Laffy and some Tanks managed to slip across, setup a Northeastern ZOC and surprise rush the NAB in Gent from behind, taking it in less than ten minutes from the first infantry spawning from my FMS.

I am proud of you all, and your efforts to make this a great opening to the New Year for the Allies.

I must also give special commendations and thanks to Aunghous, Snort and Shorty from the 7th AST for their efforts in silently getting the bridges up and running for me whilst I handled other bridges, dodge1 from the Ratpack who also helped with the bridge repairs and the long struggle under fire to get them up and running, and Arno for managing all our FMS's and AB precamps/setups that allowed us to secure control effectively of what we had already taken - saving it all in the nick of time from getting out of hand and falling all apart. He also helped protect me and cut the NAB.

We keep this up, and all of Belgium, France and Netherlands would be retaken within a week.

S! Allies.

From the AXIS desk:

Last week, Axis Commander-In-Chief LeanderJ instructed the fallshirmjäger to conduct an operation on the town of Dendermonde. BIERBAER was there and managed to capture the action:

Additionally, the heroic downing of multiple allied planes by player Mosizlak has opened up the airspace for the axis attacks on the ground:

JANUARI 03, 2017


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