Community Report February 28th, 2017
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Written by Monsjoex   
Tuesday, 28 February 2017 14:20

While Campaign 134 is underway with heavy fighting along the Meuse river line, we look back at the fundraiser success, take a peak at the newly release Squad Management Tools and prepare ourselves for the Collocation work March 16-19!



TUESDAY 28, 2017

Fundraiser 2017 - Success!

The World War 2 Online community has done it again! Both the main goal and stretch goal of the recent fundraiser were fully funded. This means the development team can keep their foot on the gas pedal! Work on the new tank busters and SPAA is progressing nicely and the increase in team management software allows for maximum productivity!

Again a major thanks to all the players who donated to this and the previous fundraisers, without these donations the game's future would not have been so bright. Additionally all subscribers are appreciated as every $ finds it way into maintaining and further developing the game!

Squad Management Tools online!

The community development team has released the new squad management tools!
What can you do?

  • Check your current squad rank by kill/death, map movers, or points.
  • Monitor who is in-game from your squad.
  • See last log-in's of all your squad members.
  • Promote, demote and remove players.
  • Edit in-game squad information.
Especially the option to easily remove inactive players was requested for years and now it is here! More work will be done and additional options can be added, if you have any idea's suggest them in the Game Idea's / Suggestions forums.

Expected downtime due to collocation work

CRS has been planning large work in the collocation for some time and March 16-19 has been set as the weekend. Expect all services to experience disruptions. Keep yourself up to date by checking the frontpage and forums. It will be better to not plan any major operations on these dates. The money donated to the fundraiser is going directly into purchases to buff up the servers and update the infrastructure in preparation for the Steam release, so exciting times!


TUESDAY 28, 2017


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Comments (1)
1 Wednesday, 01 March 2017 05:13
SPAA, new equipment and COMMUNITY! Thanks everyone who donated or otherwize contributed!