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Wednesday, 08 March 2017 16:27

Campaign 134 is in full swing! Let's see what happened in the community over the last week.


CRS is looking for volunteers!

As many of you know most of the team at Playnet exists out of volunteers from the community. CRS is always looking for more people to help out. If you possess a certain set of skills (and are currently not looking for the kidnappers of your daughter), check out this page to see if you can help out!

Non-technical roles

High Command officer: Lead the players to victory, either on the Allied or Axis side.
Marketing Team: Raise awareness around the game. Social Media, Graphics and Media, Analytics, Writing or any other way you can help.

Technical roles

Programmers: Work on the Host and Client, C++ required.
Operations Team: System Administrators, Networking experts.
Community Development Team:  Web/Tool developers, work on thing such as Wiretap, CSR and the WW2ol Gazette.
Quality Assurance Team: QA testers, to help track down bugs and unwanted “features”.
Sound Engineer:  To work on improving all in game sounds and audio.

Think you can contribute elsewhere? Feel free to send an e-mail discussing your ideas. Tell us a bit about you and why you'd like to get involved.   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Reminder: Expected Downtime due to Collocation work

As another reminder, next week March 16-19 CRS will perform work to upgrade the server infrastructure. Expect all services to experience disruptions. Keep yourself up to date by checking the front page and forums. It is better not to plan any major operations on these dates.

Rooky in the air?

Get some training experience from player Nozlen’s Youtube channel:


The below players have shown to be exceptional in the last weeks and for that have received awards from their High Commands:

Jak – Axis Honor Cross
Parasite - Order of V-Rab

Canukplf – Radio Communication Ribbon
PK – Combat Merit Recognition


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